Portraits from the American Civil War

por eduard perez delgado

Confederate Drummer 1862 (PCW 09)

During the American Civil War, the musicians played hymns and songs to boost the morale and fight the tedious long trips on foot across the country. Also, when not on duty, they played all sorts of popular songs, as they have been doing since the start of mankind’s history. During the North against the South conflict, more than two thousand war songs were composed. Music had such a close relationship with soldiers that general Robert E. Lee once declared “I don’t believe we can have an army without music”.

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Federal Musician 1861 (PCW 10)

On 1862, these musician bands encouraged many to enlist, used as effective propaganda tools. Even after the big defeats of the Union, many young men still enlisted in mass. Was not uncommon to allow the enlisting of kids and teenagers from 10 years old as musicians. Same as the rest of the soldiers they were equally exposed to death and injuries.

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Sculpture: Eduard Pérez

Paint and photos: Fernando Ruiz

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