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Mes: agosto, 2015

Cleaning the resin figure, STH 04 Afrika Korps.

To remove the resin blocks of the casting, there are two essential tools, a saw blade and a diamond file.

This type of files are really smooth and the effect is like use a soft sand paper, my favorite files from now.



First, remove the excess of resin of the molds with the saw blade. And after use the diamond file. Now the arm fits perfect.


Removing the excess of resin in the right arm.




In the inner part of the arm, just between the arm and the rifle, there is a little excess of resin. Remove it with a sharp blade, and soften it with a sand paper of nº 600.



The canteens should be removed with care to don’t loose the detail and the fits.



High quality resin casting: Vedier Resin Miniatures VRM.



Miniature’s Day is back!



Take note… Miniature’s Day is back.




In memory of Sheperd Paine.


Sheperd Paine was the father of modern miniaturism. How many of us have learned through his work?

His work, his books about modeling and painting figures and dioramas, are now and will be always his legacy, the inspiration for all the modelers, now and for the future generations.

We wish the best for his family and friends. Thanks Sheperd, thanks for all.