Sculpting the Stahlhelm Series “MG 42 Gunner, 1944.”

por eduard perez delgado


1The first step is choose a good pose and sculpting the anatomical proportions of the body in 1/24 scale.

Every figure present its own challenges, in this figure was the winter uniform. This type of garments produces deep creases specially in the articulations and the places where the belts and the equipment lies.

The winter uniform is made by some different sewed parts, there are visible seams in the arms of the parka and trowsers.


To build the MG 42 I had the opportunity to measure one in Euromilitaire, thanks to the kindness of group of reenactors. It’s no easy find collectors who can have one in their collection. Such as the helmet, and the other elements of the equipment, were photographed and measured from original specimens.


That’s me, photographing a real MG42.