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Mes: febrero, 2017

Fer Miniatures. February 2017 Releases.

These are first released news of the year of Fer Miniatures.

In the first place the expected new pair of minibusts 1/16 of Portraits from de WW2, designed and painted by Jaume Ortiz, this time sculpted by the skilfull hands of Jonatan Monerris.

Portraits from the Second World War
PSW00003 – Panzertruppen, Arnhem, 1944



PSW00004 – British Paratrooper, “Red Devils”, Arnhem, 1944


Boxart and Photos by Jaume Ortiz

Sculpture by Jonatan Morerris

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


The next release is a new reference for Magna Historica 1/12 busts. The figure depicts a young woman in streets of Paris the first days of the French Revolution, 1789. Pepa Saavedra has catched very well the convulsive atmosphere of the moment in the boxart.

Magna Historica
MHB00011 – Marianne, Le Triomphe de la République


Boxart and Photos by Pepa Saavedra

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

More info available at:



15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Gettysburg, 1863. (FAH 013) 75mm.

We may present you the new release of Fahrenheit Miniature Project, this time a figure what many of you were asking for, a confederate soldier of the 15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, “The Fighting Fifteenth” set in the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

You have a lot of pictorical posibilities; full uniform color version, different gray tones as well as butternut, half uniformed and half civilian garments… you choose.


Boxart and Photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Resin Casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Material: Light gray high quality resin

9 parts

For more information visit:



New releases in Portraits from the American Civil War 1/16 Busts

Finally a new pair of 1/16 busts has arrived. The first of both is a confederate of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, 1861. (PCW 013)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 3

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


And the second release is a 1st United States Sharpshooters, 1861-1864. (PCW 014)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Perez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 1

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


More information available at: