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Sculpting the Stahlhelm Series “MG 42 Gunner, 1944.”


1The first step is choose a good pose and sculpting the anatomical proportions of the body in 1/24 scale.

Every figure present its own challenges, in this figure was the winter uniform. This type of garments produces deep creases specially in the articulations and the places where the belts and the equipment lies.

The winter uniform is made by some different sewed parts, there are visible seams in the arms of the parka and trowsers.


To build the MG 42 I had the opportunity to measure one in Euromilitaire, thanks to the kindness of group of reenactors. It’s no easy find collectors who can have one in their collection. Such as the helmet, and the other elements of the equipment, were photographed and measured from original specimens.


That’s me, photographing a real MG42.







Cleaning the resin figure, STH 04 Afrika Korps.

To remove the resin blocks of the casting, there are two essential tools, a saw blade and a diamond file.

This type of files are really smooth and the effect is like use a soft sand paper, my favorite files from now.



First, remove the excess of resin of the molds with the saw blade. And after use the diamond file. Now the arm fits perfect.


Removing the excess of resin in the right arm.




In the inner part of the arm, just between the arm and the rifle, there is a little excess of resin. Remove it with a sharp blade, and soften it with a sand paper of nº 600.



The canteens should be removed with care to don’t loose the detail and the fits.



High quality resin casting: Vedier Resin Miniatures VRM.


Resin cast review: Afrika Korps, 1942. Stahlhelm Series (Sth 04)

Hi everybody,

In this occasion I’ll show you the seven parts of this figure. You can check up the quality of the resin cast. The parts are not cleaned, this is the kit just out boxed.

And I don’t do any comment else… you judge.

The body, left and right sides…DSC_0459 DSC_0457


Right arm with the Kar 98 attached…DSC_0461DSC_0462

Left arm, both sides…DSC_0464DSC_0465

A pair of canteens…DSC_0460

The trench shovelDSC_0463

For more information visit:


Stahlhelm Series’ Afrika Korps, 1942

The master, sculpted with Magic Sculp epoxy putty.


Vallejo’s new sets of acrylic paint for Stahlhelm Series.

Both are designed by Jaume Ortiz for Stahlhelm Series. With new colors, and step by step paint guide included.



Feldgendarmerie Officer, 1941(second version)


To see the paint process, follow the blog of Jaume Ortiz:

Feldgendarmerie Officer, 1941

84 152Sculpted in 1/24 scale, this figure is the second reference in Stahlhelm Series.  We hope you like it.

Now available. For more information, please follow the link:

Stahlhelm Series

Stalhelm series3

This line is made in an accurate 1/24 scale, thanks to the original objects from some WWII militaria collectors .

Our project is offer to the miniaturists a group of selected figures of the German Army in the WWII.

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Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint: Jaume Ortiz Forns