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Fer Miniatures. February 2017 Releases.

These are first released news of the year of Fer Miniatures.

In the first place the expected new pair of minibusts 1/16 of Portraits from de WW2, designed and painted by Jaume Ortiz, this time sculpted by the skilfull hands of Jonatan Monerris.

Portraits from the Second World War
PSW00003 – Panzertruppen, Arnhem, 1944



PSW00004 – British Paratrooper, “Red Devils”, Arnhem, 1944


Boxart and Photos by Jaume Ortiz

Sculpture by Jonatan Morerris

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


The next release is a new reference for Magna Historica 1/12 busts. The figure depicts a young woman in streets of Paris the first days of the French Revolution, 1789. Pepa Saavedra has catched very well the convulsive atmosphere of the moment in the boxart.

Magna Historica
MHB00011 – Marianne, Le Triomphe de la République


Boxart and Photos by Pepa Saavedra

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

More info available at:



15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Gettysburg, 1863. (FAH 013) 75mm.

We may present you the new release of Fahrenheit Miniature Project, this time a figure what many of you were asking for, a confederate soldier of the 15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, “The Fighting Fifteenth” set in the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

You have a lot of pictorical posibilities; full uniform color version, different gray tones as well as butternut, half uniformed and half civilian garments… you choose.


Boxart and Photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Resin Casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Material: Light gray high quality resin

9 parts

For more information visit:



New releases in Portraits from the American Civil War 1/16 Busts

Finally a new pair of 1/16 busts has arrived. The first of both is a confederate of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, 1861. (PCW 013)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 3

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


And the second release is a 1st United States Sharpshooters, 1861-1864. (PCW 014)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Perez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 1

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


More information available at:

News December 2016 Part II. General Robert E Lee. Army of Northern Virginia, 1862-1865. (FAH 011)

General Robert Edward Lee took the command of the Army of Northen Virginia at 1862.
He led his forces in Gettysburg, and although heaving loose the battle, he kept their army ready to fight again untill the war was over.

About his personality, leaders like Winston Churchil said of him, “One of the noblest Americans who ever lived”. His opponent in the battle field, General Ulysses S Grant said of him, “There was not a man in the Confederacy whose influence with the people was as great as his”. And Northern General Winfield Scott, called him the finest soldier he had ever seen.

Present authors agree to said of him that Robert E. Lee was “beloved by his countryman, feared by his enemies, and respected by both”.


Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

News December 2016 Part I. Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth 1837-1861. (FAH 12)

The design of the figure and the choose of the subject was done in collaboration with the well known artist Keith Rocco.

Mr. Keith Rocco and us, we were talking about to search a subject who was involved in the history of Chicago and the Civil War, finding in Col. Elmer E Ellsworth the perfect candidate.

The life of Col. Ellswoth though short, was very intense after all. His contribution to the american Army was very important. To him ought the creation of zouave regiments, whose “zouave craze” helped to recruit a lot of people into its ranks, and in the time of the civil war, in both sides, north and south.

To him was commissioned the command of the Chicago Zouave Cadets. And in the first days of the struggle, he was the first casulaty of the war, finding their destiny climbing down the stairs of the Marshal House Inn, in Alexandria, Virginia the 24th of may 1861.

Was cried for a large part of the northern society, included the President Lincoln. Proclaimed as a martir of the northern cause, his death led thousands to be recruited, and were formed a lot of new regiments, eager to fight.


Designed by Keith Rocco

Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Have a look to the official site of the artist Keith Rocco:

Fer Miniatures:

What a great weekend it was at Scale Model Challenge 2016.

Thanks to everybody who visited us in our stand of FeR Miniatures in the Scale Model Challenge 2016 this past weekend. Thanks a lot for all your kindly words and friendship. We hope to see all of you soon !!!

First Sergeant USMC 1859-1862 (FAH 10)

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) was created in 1775 during the American Revolution in Philadelphia under the command of Captain Samuel Nicholas (1744-1790)

They were part of the US Navy. Embarked, the major part of the war they served as a protection in the very ships. Sometimes they fought in inland operations such as the battle of First Manassas.

Their task in the Civil War was pretty modest but when they landed for amphibious operations, they sustained great loses. Untill the end of the Civil War, 148 marines were killed in acction.



This figure will be available first at Euromilitaire

Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

May in Fer Miniatures. New releases.

In these new releases we want introduce you our new collaborator, David Zabrocki. Well known arround the world as a miniature artist, now you can enjoy of his works in his David Zabrocki Signature Series.

And Fahrenheit Miniature Project presents an NCO of 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Fahrenheit Miniature Project

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863-1865. (Fah 009) 


Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

High quality resin

Number of parts: 9


Signature Series: David Zabrocki

  Corporal, 16th New York Infantry, 1862 (DZS00001)


Paint and sculpture by David Zabrocki

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/32 (54mm)

High quality resin

Number of parts: 9

For more information you can click on the link below:

Miniature’s Day is back!



Take note… Miniature’s Day is back.




In memory of Sheperd Paine.


Sheperd Paine was the father of modern miniaturism. How many of us have learned through his work?

His work, his books about modeling and painting figures and dioramas, are now and will be always his legacy, the inspiration for all the modelers, now and for the future generations.

We wish the best for his family and friends. Thanks Sheperd, thanks for all.