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Mes: octubre, 2014

October releases

Finally we come back with new projects, this time inside an enhanced platform provided by FeR Miniatures,

We want present our complete catalog, who is available again, with new figures from Fahrenheit Miniature Project and Portraits from the American Civil War.

NCO Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1915. (FAH 06)

8 5

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/24 Scale. White resin. 7 parts.


Don’t forget complete your collection !

 9th Kentuky Infantry, Logan’s Grays. Battle of Shiloh, 1862. (PCW 07)

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Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/16 scale. White resin.

 1st Minnesota Infantry Vol. Lincoln Guards. First Mannassas, 1861. (PCW 08)

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Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/16 scale. White resin. 4 parts.

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Written by Norman Ferguson, this little edition is an interesting work, who explains chronologically the episodes of the whole First World War, within an objective vision on the facts, details and anecdotes less known.

Don’t offers a typical look with allusions to romanticism or the glory of the wars of the past times, only the facts explained clearly. The efforts, sufferings and serious needs of the people in the countries at war, and of the soldiers in the trenches.

Very recommended reading, above all to achieve a global and precise knowledge of the stages of this centennial Great War.


The First World War: A miscellany.

Norman Ferguson.

Summersdale Publishers Ltd.

Publication date: 2014


188 Pages.

Dimensions: 11,5 cm x 18,5 cm.