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First Sergeant USMC 1859-1862 (FAH 10)

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) was created in 1775 during the American Revolution in Philadelphia under the command of Captain Samuel Nicholas (1744-1790)

They were part of the US Navy. Embarked, the major part of the war they served as a protection in the very ships. Sometimes they fought in inland operations such as the battle of First Manassas.

Their task in the Civil War was pretty modest but when they landed for amphibious operations, they sustained great loses. Untill the end of the Civil War, 148 marines were killed in acction.



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Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)


Fahrenheit’s next release: 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Volunteer.

Although the 54th Massachusetts was not the first infantry colored regiment raised throghout the Civil War, for their conduct and gallantry under fire of their men and officers, won an honor place in the pages of history.

Remembering the words whom the Governor of Massachusetts addressed to the regiment before to depart to South Carolina,

 “I know not when, in all human history, to any given thousand men in arms there has been committed a work at once so proud, so precious, so full of hope and glory.” 

Gov. John A. Andrew.

DSC_0693k DSC_0689b

54th Massachusetts Infantry Volunteer. (Fah 009)

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Resin by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 9

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Resin Cast Review: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1863. Fahrenheit Miniature Project. (Fah 07) Part II

Although we have provided a cord for the tassels, this piece made of resin is extremely fragil. Our advice is replace the cord using electric wire. See the images bellow.




To place the tassels, do a drill at the top of the flag.


Resin Cast Review: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1863. Fahrenheit Miniature Project. (Fah 07) Part I


The head.




The flag have engraved the stripes and the stars.


Arms, right and left.


Sword, scabbard and the holster.


The flagpole and the tassels.


And the base.



Material: Light grey resin.

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures (VRM)

Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Little Round Top, 1863.


The release for September in Fahrenheit Miniature Project is a little homage to Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, set in the battle of Gettysburg, the second day of the battle at Little Round Top.

11999003_10207611523274934_8748686982411657879_n 12006105_10207611524434963_6097362667119145084_n 11998913_10207611523314935_5066866664732167657_n 11990452_10207611523594942_4452258149163201956_n

In the flag have been engraved the stars and the stripes to make the painting process easier.


Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz Ceano

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 11

High quality resin


FeR Miniatures and Painting Buddha collaboration

Currently in preorder, this box contains a DVD, and the figure.

Language: English

Subtitles: English

10388201_10204832443279671_882547345902007503_nUnknownFahrenheit-MASTER corregido


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Portraits from the American Civil War

Confederate Drummer 1862 (PCW 09)

During the American Civil War, the musicians played hymns and songs to boost the morale and fight the tedious long trips on foot across the country. Also, when not on duty, they played all sorts of popular songs, as they have been doing since the start of mankind’s history. During the North against the South conflict, more than two thousand war songs were composed. Music had such a close relationship with soldiers that general Robert E. Lee once declared “I don’t believe we can have an army without music”.

1017756_835812239819572_8150372528368541835_n 11070772_835807806486682_2717189041858372712_n


Federal Musician 1861 (PCW 10)

On 1862, these musician bands encouraged many to enlist, used as effective propaganda tools. Even after the big defeats of the Union, many young men still enlisted in mass. Was not uncommon to allow the enlisting of kids and teenagers from 10 years old as musicians. Same as the rest of the soldiers they were equally exposed to death and injuries.

11081044_835809806486482_8454940656860968534_n 603771_835809899819806_1331757036848422015_n


Sculpture: Eduard Pérez

Paint and photos: Fernando Ruiz

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Portraits from the American Civil War. Next release.

This release is a homage to the brass bands in the regiments of the civil war, both North and South. Their duties were beyond to calls and orders in service or playing music when soldiers where in camp, they were also assistants to surgeons. Many of them, young lads, helped soldiers in the battlefield and suffered and died among his comrades to defend their colors.

The painted version will be show tomorrow.

Confederate Drummer 1862 (PCW 09)





Federal Musician 1861 (PCW 10)




portraits fin

Corporal, 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Iron Brigade, 1862

10414457_757828120951318_5278880400714929048_n 1454552_757828130951317_8322091798875026666_n 10609715_757828124284651_2610837634604106970_n 10431493_757828194284644_1022690127229074196_n 1901889_757828270951303_8653396123682672594_n 1471953_757828284284635_2923817926409818138_nFotos: Fernando Ruiz

Sculpted by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Painted by Fernando Ruiz

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