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Special Releases for the Scale Model Challenge 2017.

We are pleased to announce you the new releases of Fer miniatures during the Scale Model Challenge, where you will find us in our stand.


Le Cavalier. Fahrenheit Miniature Project

This figure includes photoetched sheet to make the rapier hilt sword, and the spurs.


Sculptor: Eduard Pérez

Painter: Jaume Ortiz

Light grey resin and photoetched parts.

Scale: 1:24 (75mm)


Viviana. Women by Pepa Saavedra.


Sculptor: Ramón Martínez

Painter: Pepa Saavedra

Light grey resin

Scale: 1:10


And the re-edition of the legendary classical of Elite Miniatures Highland Clansman Veteran 


Sculptor: Raul García Latorre

Painter: Marc Masclans

Light grey resin

Scale: 70mm


For more information visit:


“El Capitán Alatriste, by Arturo Pérez-Reverte”. (FAH 000014)

Mr. Arturo Pérez-Reverte wrote the immorthal series of novels of the soldier and adventurer Captain Alatriste, a veteran in the old army of King Philip IV of Spain in the XVII century.

The novels are very popular, and are translated untill now to 35 languages arround the world with 4 million of books sold.

We, Fer Miniatures, want to thank to Don Arturo his kindness upon us and to let us sculpt a miniature inspired in the character of Alatriste.


Boxart and Photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High Quality Resin by VRM

Scale; 75mm (1/24)

For more information and purchase the miniature:

Fer Miniatures. February 2017 Releases.

These are first released news of the year of Fer Miniatures.

In the first place the expected new pair of minibusts 1/16 of Portraits from de WW2, designed and painted by Jaume Ortiz, this time sculpted by the skilfull hands of Jonatan Monerris.

Portraits from the Second World War
PSW00003 – Panzertruppen, Arnhem, 1944



PSW00004 – British Paratrooper, “Red Devils”, Arnhem, 1944


Boxart and Photos by Jaume Ortiz

Sculpture by Jonatan Morerris

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


The next release is a new reference for Magna Historica 1/12 busts. The figure depicts a young woman in streets of Paris the first days of the French Revolution, 1789. Pepa Saavedra has catched very well the convulsive atmosphere of the moment in the boxart.

Magna Historica
MHB00011 – Marianne, Le Triomphe de la République


Boxart and Photos by Pepa Saavedra

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Scale 1/16

High Quality Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

More info available at:


15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Gettysburg, 1863. (FAH 013) 75mm.

We may present you the new release of Fahrenheit Miniature Project, this time a figure what many of you were asking for, a confederate soldier of the 15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, “The Fighting Fifteenth” set in the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

You have a lot of pictorical posibilities; full uniform color version, different gray tones as well as butternut, half uniformed and half civilian garments… you choose.


Boxart and Photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Resin Casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Material: Light gray high quality resin

9 parts

For more information visit:



New releases in Portraits from the American Civil War 1/16 Busts

Finally a new pair of 1/16 busts has arrived. The first of both is a confederate of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, 1861. (PCW 013)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 3

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


And the second release is a 1st United States Sharpshooters, 1861-1864. (PCW 014)


Boxart and photos: David Zabrocki

Sculpture: Eduard Perez Delgado

Scale: 1/16

Number of parts: 1

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures


More information available at:

News December 2016 Part II. General Robert E Lee. Army of Northern Virginia, 1862-1865. (FAH 011)

General Robert Edward Lee took the command of the Army of Northen Virginia at 1862.
He led his forces in Gettysburg, and although heaving loose the battle, he kept their army ready to fight again untill the war was over.

About his personality, leaders like Winston Churchil said of him, “One of the noblest Americans who ever lived”. His opponent in the battle field, General Ulysses S Grant said of him, “There was not a man in the Confederacy whose influence with the people was as great as his”. And Northern General Winfield Scott, called him the finest soldier he had ever seen.

Present authors agree to said of him that Robert E. Lee was “beloved by his countryman, feared by his enemies, and respected by both”.


Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

News December 2016 Part I. Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth 1837-1861. (FAH 12)

The design of the figure and the choose of the subject was done in collaboration with the well known artist Keith Rocco.

Mr. Keith Rocco and us, we were talking about to search a subject who was involved in the history of Chicago and the Civil War, finding in Col. Elmer E Ellsworth the perfect candidate.

The life of Col. Ellswoth though short, was very intense after all. His contribution to the american Army was very important. To him ought the creation of zouave regiments, whose “zouave craze” helped to recruit a lot of people into its ranks, and in the time of the civil war, in both sides, north and south.

To him was commissioned the command of the Chicago Zouave Cadets. And in the first days of the struggle, he was the first casulaty of the war, finding their destiny climbing down the stairs of the Marshal House Inn, in Alexandria, Virginia the 24th of may 1861.

Was cried for a large part of the northern society, included the President Lincoln. Proclaimed as a martir of the northern cause, his death led thousands to be recruited, and were formed a lot of new regiments, eager to fight.


Designed by Keith Rocco

Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Have a look to the official site of the artist Keith Rocco:

Fer Miniatures:

What a great weekend it was at Scale Model Challenge 2016.

Thanks to everybody who visited us in our stand of FeR Miniatures in the Scale Model Challenge 2016 this past weekend. Thanks a lot for all your kindly words and friendship. We hope to see all of you soon !!!

First Sergeant USMC 1859-1862 (FAH 10)

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) was created in 1775 during the American Revolution in Philadelphia under the command of Captain Samuel Nicholas (1744-1790)

They were part of the US Navy. Embarked, the major part of the war they served as a protection in the very ships. Sometimes they fought in inland operations such as the battle of First Manassas.

Their task in the Civil War was pretty modest but when they landed for amphibious operations, they sustained great loses. Untill the end of the Civil War, 148 marines were killed in acction.



This figure will be available first at Euromilitaire

Boxart and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High quality resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Hi everybody!

Thanks for your patience. Throughout this long period I’ve been working hard and I’ve forget update the blog, so sorry.

Soon will take place Euromilitaire, the most classical of the modellistic events in Europe, as always into the Leas Cliff Hall of Folkestone. I will you remember the dates 17th-18th September 2016. I hope to see some of you there, and share something else than figures or modelling anecdotes, ok? (Maybe some beers, you know…)

For more information about this edition of Euromilitaire you can see the link below.

In a few weeks I will present you the new releases of Fahrenheit, and the FeR Miniatures Team. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves, and don’t forget to renew your stoks of brushes and paint !

May in Fer Miniatures. New releases.

In these new releases we want introduce you our new collaborator, David Zabrocki. Well known arround the world as a miniature artist, now you can enjoy of his works in his David Zabrocki Signature Series.

And Fahrenheit Miniature Project presents an NCO of 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Fahrenheit Miniature Project

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1863-1865. (Fah 009) 


Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

High quality resin

Number of parts: 9


Signature Series: David Zabrocki

  Corporal, 16th New York Infantry, 1862 (DZS00001)


Paint and sculpture by David Zabrocki

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/32 (54mm)

High quality resin

Number of parts: 9

For more information you can click on the link below:

Fahrenheit’s next release: 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Volunteer.

Although the 54th Massachusetts was not the first infantry colored regiment raised throghout the Civil War, for their conduct and gallantry under fire of their men and officers, won an honor place in the pages of history.

Remembering the words whom the Governor of Massachusetts addressed to the regiment before to depart to South Carolina,

 “I know not when, in all human history, to any given thousand men in arms there has been committed a work at once so proud, so precious, so full of hope and glory.” 

Gov. John A. Andrew.

DSC_0693k DSC_0689b

54th Massachusetts Infantry Volunteer. (Fah 009)

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Resin by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 9

Soon, full text and information at:

Februari releases: Nuts Planet Miniatures and Fer Miniatures collaboration

We are pleased to present you a collaboration with our kind friends of Nuts Planet Miniatures.

A Color Sergeant and a Drummer boy of the 28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot, Grenadier Company, 1815.

Both complement each other to buid a little scene of the battle of Quatre Bras in june 16th 1815.

28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot. Colour Sergeant, 1815. (FAH 08)


Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 10

High quality resin casting.

Presentation of Fer Miniatures painted by Jaume Ortiz


28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot. Drummer, 1815.(Nuts Planet)


Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 10

High quality resin casting.

Presentation of Nuts Planet Miniatures by Myeong-Ha Hwang

The drummer is available through Nuts Planet, the Color Sergeant is available through Fer Miniatures.

Sculpting the Stahlhelm Series “MG 42 Gunner, 1944.”


1The first step is choose a good pose and sculpting the anatomical proportions of the body in 1/24 scale.

Every figure present its own challenges, in this figure was the winter uniform. This type of garments produces deep creases specially in the articulations and the places where the belts and the equipment lies.

The winter uniform is made by some different sewed parts, there are visible seams in the arms of the parka and trowsers.


To build the MG 42 I had the opportunity to measure one in Euromilitaire, thanks to the kindness of group of reenactors. It’s no easy find collectors who can have one in their collection. Such as the helmet, and the other elements of the equipment, were photographed and measured from original specimens.


That’s me, photographing a real MG42.






FeR Miniatures November New Releases


MHB00005 Polish Lancer, 1810


Sculpture: Eduard Pérez

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 9

Scale: 1/12



PPK00008 The Last of the Immortals


Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 1

Scale: 1/16


FMK00003 Einar Erikson, Norse Prince


Sculpture: Raffaele Picca

Painting: Raffaele Picca

Material:  Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 3

Scale: 1/16


FMK00004 Sha’un, Ram Tribe Warrior


Sculpture: Raffaele Picca

Painting: Raffaele Picca and Roman Lappat

Material:  Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 10

Scale: 1/9


Resin Cast Review: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1863. Fahrenheit Miniature Project. (Fah 07) Part II

Although we have provided a cord for the tassels, this piece made of resin is extremely fragil. Our advice is replace the cord using electric wire. See the images bellow.




To place the tassels, do a drill at the top of the flag.


Resin Cast Review: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1863. Fahrenheit Miniature Project. (Fah 07) Part I


The head.




The flag have engraved the stripes and the stars.


Arms, right and left.


Sword, scabbard and the holster.


The flagpole and the tassels.


And the base.



Material: Light grey resin.

Resin casting by Verdier Resin Miniatures (VRM)

Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Little Round Top, 1863.


The release for September in Fahrenheit Miniature Project is a little homage to Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, set in the battle of Gettysburg, the second day of the battle at Little Round Top.

11999003_10207611523274934_8748686982411657879_n 12006105_10207611524434963_6097362667119145084_n 11998913_10207611523314935_5066866664732167657_n 11990452_10207611523594942_4452258149163201956_n

In the flag have been engraved the stars and the stripes to make the painting process easier.


Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz Ceano

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 11

High quality resin


Road to Folkestone.

Hello friends, we will going to Euromilitaire the next weekend, hope to see you all there.




Cleaning the resin figure, STH 04 Afrika Korps.

To remove the resin blocks of the casting, there are two essential tools, a saw blade and a diamond file.

This type of files are really smooth and the effect is like use a soft sand paper, my favorite files from now.



First, remove the excess of resin of the molds with the saw blade. And after use the diamond file. Now the arm fits perfect.


Removing the excess of resin in the right arm.




In the inner part of the arm, just between the arm and the rifle, there is a little excess of resin. Remove it with a sharp blade, and soften it with a sand paper of nº 600.



The canteens should be removed with care to don’t loose the detail and the fits.



High quality resin casting: Vedier Resin Miniatures VRM.


Miniature’s Day is back!



Take note… Miniature’s Day is back.




In memory of Sheperd Paine.


Sheperd Paine was the father of modern miniaturism. How many of us have learned through his work?

His work, his books about modeling and painting figures and dioramas, are now and will be always his legacy, the inspiration for all the modelers, now and for the future generations.

We wish the best for his family and friends. Thanks Sheperd, thanks for all.

Resin cast review: Afrika Korps, 1942. Stahlhelm Series (Sth 04)

Hi everybody,

In this occasion I’ll show you the seven parts of this figure. You can check up the quality of the resin cast. The parts are not cleaned, this is the kit just out boxed.

And I don’t do any comment else… you judge.

The body, left and right sides…DSC_0459 DSC_0457


Right arm with the Kar 98 attached…DSC_0461DSC_0462

Left arm, both sides…DSC_0464DSC_0465

A pair of canteens…DSC_0460

The trench shovelDSC_0463

For more information visit:


Stahlhelm Series’ Afrika Korps, 1942

The master, sculpted with Magic Sculp epoxy putty.


July 2015 releases.

Hi everybody!! Sorry for the little delay in the updates, so first of all we want update the blog with the july releases, and after, add new contents like historical and bibliographical notes, or tips and tricks for sculpture and for the building of our figures.

And these are the news in the Fer Miniatures group:

The 4th release of the Stahlhelm Series is an Afrika Korps soldier in Tunisia, 1942.


The boxart has been painted by Jaume Ortiz and the tank builded by Xavier Ruiz.

The second release belongs to the Revolution Series by Oriol Quin.


Follow the link for more details and pics:

Stage 2



Portraits from the American Civil War. In progress, stage 1.





 In the next weeks I’ll showing the process of sculpting a face in an 1/16 bust. 

Material used: Epoxy modelling clay.

stage1 stage2

FeR Miniatures and Painting Buddha collaboration

Currently in preorder, this box contains a DVD, and the figure.

Language: English

Subtitles: English

10388201_10204832443279671_882547345902007503_nUnknownFahrenheit-MASTER corregido


For more information about the product you can see:

Portraits from the American Civil War

Confederate Drummer 1862 (PCW 09)

During the American Civil War, the musicians played hymns and songs to boost the morale and fight the tedious long trips on foot across the country. Also, when not on duty, they played all sorts of popular songs, as they have been doing since the start of mankind’s history. During the North against the South conflict, more than two thousand war songs were composed. Music had such a close relationship with soldiers that general Robert E. Lee once declared “I don’t believe we can have an army without music”.

1017756_835812239819572_8150372528368541835_n 11070772_835807806486682_2717189041858372712_n


Federal Musician 1861 (PCW 10)

On 1862, these musician bands encouraged many to enlist, used as effective propaganda tools. Even after the big defeats of the Union, many young men still enlisted in mass. Was not uncommon to allow the enlisting of kids and teenagers from 10 years old as musicians. Same as the rest of the soldiers they were equally exposed to death and injuries.

11081044_835809806486482_8454940656860968534_n 603771_835809899819806_1331757036848422015_n


Sculpture: Eduard Pérez

Paint and photos: Fernando Ruiz

The collection is available on:

Follow us on Facebook:



Portraits from the American Civil War. Next release.

This release is a homage to the brass bands in the regiments of the civil war, both North and South. Their duties were beyond to calls and orders in service or playing music when soldiers where in camp, they were also assistants to surgeons. Many of them, young lads, helped soldiers in the battlefield and suffered and died among his comrades to defend their colors.

The painted version will be show tomorrow.

Confederate Drummer 1862 (PCW 09)





Federal Musician 1861 (PCW 10)




portraits fin

Soon a new pair of Portraits from the American Civil War

After a long period without news, soon we will offer you a new release of Portraits from the American Civil War. 

The collection of the star.

portraits fin


New releases for Christmas in FerMiniatures

FerMiniatures announce the new releases for Christmas

Clash of Cultures

Peter Punk Produktions

And the new 1/12 bust line, Magna Historica

Painting Buddha Academy


Our friends of Pinting Buddha have released a video painting session with our 19th Indiana Infantry Iron Brigade figure (Fah 04).


Follow the link to see the painting session:

Watch their website to know their initiatives and its products


October releases

Finally we come back with new projects, this time inside an enhanced platform provided by FeR Miniatures,

We want present our complete catalog, who is available again, with new figures from Fahrenheit Miniature Project and Portraits from the American Civil War.

NCO Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1915. (FAH 06)

8 5

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/24 Scale. White resin. 7 parts.


Don’t forget complete your collection !

 9th Kentuky Infantry, Logan’s Grays. Battle of Shiloh, 1862. (PCW 07)

10301603_10205037775372845_8079827979508730161_n 8966_10205037775132839_3345143147475113906_n 10686947_10205037774612826_6386059989969593248_n

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/16 scale. White resin.

 1st Minnesota Infantry Vol. Lincoln Guards. First Mannassas, 1861. (PCW 08)

10653604_10205037779572950_1906728218983205389_n 10394462_10205037780612976_3101631952785476798_n 10610615_10205037780092963_4237929482097972613_n

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

1/16 scale. White resin. 4 parts.

Visit us at:


Written by Norman Ferguson, this little edition is an interesting work, who explains chronologically the episodes of the whole First World War, within an objective vision on the facts, details and anecdotes less known.

Don’t offers a typical look with allusions to romanticism or the glory of the wars of the past times, only the facts explained clearly. The efforts, sufferings and serious needs of the people in the countries at war, and of the soldiers in the trenches.

Very recommended reading, above all to achieve a global and precise knowledge of the stages of this centennial Great War.


The First World War: A miscellany.

Norman Ferguson.

Summersdale Publishers Ltd.

Publication date: 2014


188 Pages.

Dimensions: 11,5 cm x 18,5 cm.

Soon we’ll come back

Finally we have moved to the new platform provided by Fer Minitures. All our catalog of Fahrenheit Miniature Project, Portraits from the American Civil War and Stahlhelm Series, will be there.

And we will present you our new releases too.




July releases.

Lieutenant des Chasseurs Alpins, Diables Bleus, 1918.

The first figure belongs to Fahreheit Miniature Project.  The character is inspired in the novel by Roger Vercel, Capitaine Conan (1934), and the film by Bertrand Tavernier (1996). This soldier wears the uniform of the Chasseurs Alpins in 1918.

DSCN4548DSCN4553DSCN4554QSaAqTZ1pjHolN2FEunuU9pb67pIwaUzA2oJaCCj7g0Scale 1/24, resin cast.

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and photos: Fernando Ruiz

For more information follow this link:


MG-42 Gunner, 1944.

In the third figure of Stahlhelm Series, this one wears the reversible winter uniform, trousers and parka, and can be painted in camo eichenlaubmuster (oak leaf pattern) or plain white and feldgrau. Carries Ammunition box and MG 42.

P1020660Scale 1/24, resin cast.

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint and Photos: Jaume Ortiz Forns

For more information follow this link:

Vallejo’s new sets of acrylic paint for Stahlhelm Series.

Both are designed by Jaume Ortiz for Stahlhelm Series. With new colors, and step by step paint guide included.



Corporal, 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Iron Brigade, 1862

10414457_757828120951318_5278880400714929048_n 1454552_757828130951317_8322091798875026666_n 10609715_757828124284651_2610837634604106970_n 10431493_757828194284644_1022690127229074196_n 1901889_757828270951303_8653396123682672594_n 1471953_757828284284635_2923817926409818138_nFotos: Fernando Ruiz

Sculpted by Eduard Pérez Delgado

Painted by Fernando Ruiz

Now available :


Corporal, 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Iron Brigade, 1862

DSC_0233c DSC_0235c DSC_0237c

Feldgendarmerie Officer, 1941(second version)


To see the paint process, follow the blog of Jaume Ortiz:

Feldgendarmerie Officer, 1941

84 152Sculpted in 1/24 scale, this figure is the second reference in Stahlhelm Series.  We hope you like it.

Now available. For more information, please follow the link:

The collection is growing up !

I glad to present our new two mini busts (1/16 scale). The first of both is a member of 79th New York State Militia in full dress parade uniform. And in second place, a soldier of the famous Terry’s Rangers, the 8th Texas Cavalry.



Photos: Fernando Ruiz

Now available:

Stahlhelm Series

Stalhelm series3

This line is made in an accurate 1/24 scale, thanks to the original objects from some WWII militaria collectors .

Our project is offer to the miniaturists a group of selected figures of the German Army in the WWII.

kJLupWqgU4Fe-ENWrDk93fwfTvXZM7dJNoAlCL8bD7Y SyjZVc9PGjxMYevQjH6AcyH8ukSUyGfXjzxAq7-mCzsPhotos: Jaume Ortiz

Sculpture: Eduard Pérez Delgado

Paint: Jaume Ortiz Forns



Esta es una serie de bustos en miniatura a escala 1/16, que hemos querido dedicar a los retratos que los soldados recien alistados se hacían antes de partir hacia la guerra. La Guerra Civil Americana, que enfrentó a los estados del norte contra los del sur entre los años 1861 y 1865, se enmarca en la época de la invención fotográfica. Esta innovación se hallaba en un momento de efervescencia, y pesar de las dificultades que impedian tomar “fotografías” en cualquier condición y situación, en sus estudios, los retratistas realizaron un aluvión de imágenes, de rostros, de todas la edades.

Con esa idea en mente hemos realizado estas pequeñas piezas, coleccionables, para que cada pintor pueda aportar su toque personal para personalizarlas a su gusto.

DSCN32511 DSCN32551DSCN32631DSCN32681Fotos: Fernando Ruiz

Escultura: Eduard Pérez Delgado.

Pintura: Fernando Ruiz.

El Buen Pueblo, 1808-1814. (El desenlace)

1069871_10200978693062546_1238754136_n66122_10200978683062296_508301779_nFotos: José Hernández

Un trabajo para quitarse el sombrero. Gracias José por esta colaboración tan especial.

Edición limitada a 500 copias.

Disponible en:

Fahrenheit’s Pride


Ya tenemos el boxart del maestro José Hernández para la pieza Southern Pride, 1861-1865. Gran trabajo, por lo que nos sentimos muy honrados de haber podido contar con su aportación y experiencia.


Southern pride 1861-1865


El orgullo sureño es una característica que refleja la decisión y la iniciativa en la personalidad de las gentes del sur. Es el reflejo de una época en la que la importancia de la caballerosidad llegaba hasta sus últimas consecuencias. Por encima de la propia vida estaba el honor.

Esa es la característica que he tratado de reflejar en la personalidad de este caballero del Sur. El personaje al que representa la escultura refleja cierto cansancio en la mirada, pose estoica,  el cuello erguido y elegancia; orgullo en suma.

Una frase del film Lo que el viento se llevó, Gone with the wind (1939) expresa muy bien este complejo sentimiento:

“¿Por qué? Tal vez porque siempre he sentido debilidad por las causas perdidas cuando realmente lo están, o tal vez… porque siento desprecio de mí mismo, quien sabe…”

Rhett Butler 

Edición limitada a 500 copias.

Disponible en: