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Special Releases for the Scale Model Challenge 2017.

We are pleased to announce you the new releases of Fer miniatures during the Scale Model Challenge, where you will find us in our stand.


Le Cavalier. Fahrenheit Miniature Project

This figure includes photoetched sheet to make the rapier hilt sword, and the spurs.


Sculptor: Eduard Pérez

Painter: Jaume Ortiz

Light grey resin and photoetched parts.

Scale: 1:24 (75mm)


Viviana. Women by Pepa Saavedra.


Sculptor: Ramón Martínez

Painter: Pepa Saavedra

Light grey resin

Scale: 1:10


And the re-edition of the legendary classical of Elite Miniatures Highland Clansman Veteran 


Sculptor: Raul García Latorre

Painter: Marc Masclans

Light grey resin

Scale: 70mm


For more information visit:


“El Capitán Alatriste, by Arturo Pérez-Reverte”. (FAH 000014)

Mr. Arturo Pérez-Reverte wrote the immorthal series of novels of the soldier and adventurer Captain Alatriste, a veteran in the old army of King Philip IV of Spain in the XVII century.

The novels are very popular, and are translated untill now to 35 languages arround the world with 4 million of books sold.

We, Fer Miniatures, want to thank to Don Arturo his kindness upon us and to let us sculpt a miniature inspired in the character of Alatriste.


Boxart and Photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

High Quality Resin by VRM

Scale; 75mm (1/24)

For more information and purchase the miniature:

Hi everybody!

Thanks for your patience. Throughout this long period I’ve been working hard and I’ve forget update the blog, so sorry.

Soon will take place Euromilitaire, the most classical of the modellistic events in Europe, as always into the Leas Cliff Hall of Folkestone. I will you remember the dates 17th-18th September 2016. I hope to see some of you there, and share something else than figures or modelling anecdotes, ok? (Maybe some beers, you know…)

For more information about this edition of Euromilitaire you can see the link below.

In a few weeks I will present you the new releases of Fahrenheit, and the FeR Miniatures Team. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves, and don’t forget to renew your stoks of brushes and paint !

Fahrenheit’s next release: 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Volunteer.

Although the 54th Massachusetts was not the first infantry colored regiment raised throghout the Civil War, for their conduct and gallantry under fire of their men and officers, won an honor place in the pages of history.

Remembering the words whom the Governor of Massachusetts addressed to the regiment before to depart to South Carolina,

 “I know not when, in all human history, to any given thousand men in arms there has been committed a work at once so proud, so precious, so full of hope and glory.” 

Gov. John A. Andrew.

DSC_0693k DSC_0689b

54th Massachusetts Infantry Volunteer. (Fah 009)

Paint and photos by Fernando Ruiz

Sculpture by Eduard Pérez

Resin by Verdier Resin Miniatures

Scale 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 9

Soon, full text and information at:

Februari releases: Nuts Planet Miniatures and Fer Miniatures collaboration

We are pleased to present you a collaboration with our kind friends of Nuts Planet Miniatures.

A Color Sergeant and a Drummer boy of the 28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot, Grenadier Company, 1815.

Both complement each other to buid a little scene of the battle of Quatre Bras in june 16th 1815.

28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot. Colour Sergeant, 1815. (FAH 08)


Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 10

High quality resin casting.

Presentation of Fer Miniatures painted by Jaume Ortiz


28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of foot. Drummer, 1815.(Nuts Planet)


Scale: 1/24 (75mm)

Number of parts: 10

High quality resin casting.

Presentation of Nuts Planet Miniatures by Myeong-Ha Hwang

The drummer is available through Nuts Planet, the Color Sergeant is available through Fer Miniatures.

FeR Miniatures November New Releases


MHB00005 Polish Lancer, 1810


Sculpture: Eduard Pérez

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 9

Scale: 1/12



PPK00008 The Last of the Immortals


Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 1

Scale: 1/16


FMK00003 Einar Erikson, Norse Prince


Sculpture: Raffaele Picca

Painting: Raffaele Picca

Material:  Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 3

Scale: 1/16


FMK00004 Sha’un, Ram Tribe Warrior


Sculpture: Raffaele Picca

Painting: Raffaele Picca and Roman Lappat

Material:  Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 10

Scale: 1/9


Road to Folkestone.

Hello friends, we will going to Euromilitaire the next weekend, hope to see you all there.